What is Norvotrop

NorvotropNorvotrop presents an exact amino acid sequence replica to naturally occurring human growth hormone (HGH). Norvotrop human growth hormone (HGH) is in 10IU vials of lyopholized (freeze-dried) powder which is to be reconstituted with plain sterile water for injection. Each Norvotrop vial is mixed with 1ml of sterile water and is then ready to be injected either intramuscular (into the muscle) or subcutaneous (under the skin). The dosage depends on the purpose. Some guidelines are these: 2IU per day for anti ageing purpose, 4IU per day for body building, shaping and weight loss, 8-16 IU per day for treatment of severe burns and injuries, etc. Please consult your doctor to determine a proper dosage for you.

Norvotrop is designed to make the GH therapy process as easy as possible.

Norvotrop is appropriate for

Child onset or pediatric GH deficiency. Norvotrop will help to alleviate the growth deficits associated with child onset GH deficiency.

Renal transplant management. The period leading up to a kidney transplant can be a period of insufficient growth due to renal insufficiency. Norvotrop can offer effective treatment for this growth deficiency, along with other therapeutic medications for the management of the renal insufficiency.

Long duration treatment for Turner Syndrome, and the limited growth that the syndrome can cause.

Long term management and replacement of GH in adult patients diagnosed with adult onset GH deficiency.  The Norvotrop acts as a replacement for the naturally occurring, but absent, GH.

How to avoid infection while using Norvotrop

Always wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap before handling the medication, or beginning your injection routine.

Keep alcohol wipes handy, for easy cleaning and sanitation of the rubber stopper on the tops of the vials. You should ensure that you never touch the top of the vial after cleaning with the alcohol wipe.

Make certain that you clean the rubber stopper with an alcohol wipe, should you inadvertently touch the rubber stopper.

Always use the disposable hypodermic needles only once, and then dispose of safely.

Never share used hypodermic needles.

How Norvotrop is supplied

Norvotrop is supplied in 10IU vials, each containing 3.4 mg (approximately 10 IU [international units]) of lyophilized sterile powder Somatropin [human growth hormone]. There are 10 vials per kit making a total of 100IU or 34mg of Somatropin.

Dosage and administration of Norvotrop

Before administration, add 1ml of WFI to the rhGH vial of lyophilized powder, and make the solvent run slowly down the side of the vial. Swirl the vial with a gentle rotary motion until contents are dissolved completely. Do not shake vigorously.


The dose of administration should be individual for each patient. For growth-promotion in children, the recommended dose is 0.1–0.15IU/kg/day, once per day, subcutaneous injection. The period of treatment is from 3 month to 3 years. Or follow you physician’s prescription.

For severe burn patients, a daily dose of 0.2–0.4IU/kg subcutaneous injection is recommended. The period of treatment is about 2 weeks.

The dose might require adjustment individually for human replacement therapy. Generally the dose is from small dose, e.g., 0.5IU (0.17mg)/day or up to 0.02IU/kg/day, it is equal to 0.007mg/kg/day; after 1-2 months treatment, the dose might be modulated gradually to 0.04IU/kg/day, it is equal to 0.013mg/kg/day. The daily dose should then be modulated according to the determination of Insulin-like Growth Factor-I (IGF-I) in serum. The dose may decrease with age increasing.

How to best store Norvotrop

Norvotrop can be stored at room temperature for at least 30 days. Extreme tests have been done in which Norvotrop remained potent at 37 degrees Celsius (98 degrees Fahrenheit) for 30 days and 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) for 7 days. You should however always store Norvotrop in refrigerator between 2 - 8 degrees Celsius (35 - 46 Fahrenheit). Do not freeze it! Norvotrop is light-sensitive and should be protected from light. Store the vials refrigerated in a dark place when they are not in use. When mixed with water Norvotrop is good for 20 days if properly refrigerated between 2 - 8 degrees Celsius (35 - 46 Fahrenheit).

Additional safety information for all patients

NorvotropGH therapy is not appropriate for cancer patients. If you have cancer or other tumors do not take HGH.

GH is not appropriate as a treatment option for people with acute and critical illnesses that have occurred through complications as a result of open heart surgery, accident trauma or on patients experiencing respiratory distress or failure.

GH is not appropriate, and is contraindicated, for people with Prader-Willi syndrome who are extremely obese and or who are having respiratory difficulties. Generally, growth failure in pediatric patients with Prader-Willi syndrome should not be treated with Norvotrop, unless these pediatric patients have also demonstrated a GH deficiency. Long term treatment of Prader-Willi patients should not be initiated with Norvotrop.

If a patient has a history of inter cranial lesions, they should be regularly examined by the health care team for any evidence of re emergent lesions.

If the GH patient experiences re occurring vomiting, nausea, vision changes and headache, they may be suffering from intracranial hypertension, and should by examined by their doctor.

Diabetes can complicate treatment with GH. GH treatment may influence your body’s response to insulin.

A very small percentage of people treated with GH, may develop antibodies to the protein.

Your health care provider should be made aware immediately of any indication of an allergic reaction (hives, rash or itching).

Your treatment should be closely monitored by your team of health care workers, as the treatment may need to be modified should you present evidence of side effects or excessive IGF-I levels. Excessive levels of IGF-I levels may carry additional health risks.

Information for use on children

NorvotropNorvotrop is not appropriate for growth promotion on children that have demonstrated that their bone growth has finished naturally.

GH treatment can promote rapid growth. Rapid growth can cause an increased prevalence of separations of the joints. For this reason, parents and doctors should pay close attention to the mobility of children undergoing Norvotrop treatment, and any evidence of a limp or mobility complaint should be evaluated by a doctor immediately.

If the pediatric patient co presents Turners Syndrome, then the patient should be regularly checked for an inner ear infection; as these patients are at a greater risk for hearing injuries and disorders.

Turner syndrome patients need also be monitored closely for cardiovascular risk factors, as these patients are at an increased risk for hyper tension or stroke.

If undergoing treatment for growth failure due to renal insufficiency, patients should be monitored for the bone disease called renal osteodystropphy.

Although GH has never been shown to increase the prevalence of Scoliosis; Scoliosis is associated with rapid growth, and for that reason; GH patients should be monitored for the presentation of scoliosis.

For adults taking Norvotrop

There is no long term information for the health effects of long term treatment with Norvotrop on adult patients.

Pregnant women or nursing mothers should consult with their doctor about the possibility of continuing Norvotrop treatment.

The most frequently reported side effect from GH therapy is joint swelling and joint pain.

This side effect occurs as a result an incorrect dosage regimen, and adjustments of the dosage regimen usually eliminate these problems.

For more compete information, please view the information provided with the prescription medication.